Total Syntheses and/of natural products


Light-Mediated Total Synthesis of 17-Deoxyprovidencin
Dr. Nina Toelle, Dr. Harald Weinstabl, Dr. Tanja Gaich and Prof. Dr. Johann Mulzer

Total Synthesis of (±)-Clavilactones A, B, and Proposed D through Iron-Catalyzed Carbonylation–Peroxidation of Olefin
Leiyang Lv, Prof. Dr. Baojian Shen and Prof. Dr. Zhiping Li

A Convergent Total Synthesis of the Telomerase Inhibitor (±)-γ-Rubromycin
Dr. Michael Wilsdorf and Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Reissig

 Catalysis-Based Total Synthesis of Putative Mandelalide A
Dipl.-Chem. Jens Willwacher and Prof. Alois Fürstner

Total Synthesis of the Antibiotic Kendomycin: A Macrocyclization Using the Tsuji–Trost Etherification
Dr. Tetsuya Sengoku, Dr. Shu Xu, Kenji Ogura, Yoshinori Emori, Kenji Kitada, Prof. Dr. Daisuke Uemura and Prof. Dr. Hirokazu Arimoto

 Short Chemoenzymatic Total Synthesis of ent-Hydromorphone: An Oxidative Dearomatization/Intramolecular [4+2] Cycloaddition/Amination Sequence
Vimal Varghese and Prof. Tomas Hudlicky

Short Stereoselective Synthesis of the Phytophthora Universal Mating Hormone α1 Using Lithiation/Borylation Reactions
Dr. Alexander P. Pulis, Dr. Philipp Fackler and Prof. Varinder K. Aggarwal


Total Synthesis of Halichondrin A, the Missing Member in the Halichondrin Class of Natural Products
Atsushi Ueda, Akihiko Yamamoto, Daisuke Kato, and Yoshito Kishi

Two-Phase Synthesis of (−)-Taxuyunnanine D
Nathan C. Wilde, Minetaka Isomura, Abraham Mendoza, and Phil S. Baran

Total Synthesis of the Akuammiline Alkaloid Picrinine
Joel M. Smith, Jesus Moreno, Ben W. Boal, and Neil K. Garg


 Catalytic Asymmetric Claisen Rearrangement of Gosteli-Type Allyl Vinyl Ethers: Total Synthesis of (−)-9,10-Dihydroecklonialactone B
Julia Becker, Lena Butt, Valeska von Kiedrowski, Elisabeth Mischler, Florian Quentin, and Martin Hiersemann

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